Services We Provide
The Katie Project is a Non Profit Organization created to assist and enable families and friends
to deal with teens or young adults who are potentially on a self destructive path.  Our goal is to
be a conduit to the improvement of relationships between counseling agencies and family
service agencies that have the mission of suicide prevention and awareness.

Our primary service model is to provide empowerment and enablement resources and
activities to the public sector at large through the following activities.
Fund Raising Activities and Events
Speaking Engagements
Consulting Advice on Awareness and Diligence
Our Web Site for Centralized Self Directed Resources
Through our expanding Web Presence and partnering with affiliated organizations, we will
provide self directed help and resources to families or friends who are looking to help someone
in distress.

Too often young adults dealing with emotional issues are adverse to reaching out for
professional help.   They look first to friends, or more recently, the technology of the Internet to
seek advice and knowledge.

We provide information and links to resources that will help you if you are a person in distress,
or looking to help a friend to work through a potentially self-destructive emotional issue.   
Please refer to our Awareness and Resource sections for constantly improving information to
guide you along.
An Open Letter to Parents
PDF File - An Open Letter to Parents
Awareness Brings Results

There are important catalysts created as a result of the focus on Suicide Awareness and
Prevention.   It is a hopeful sign that while the incidence of suicide among adolescents and
young adults nearly tripled from 1965 to 1987, teen suicide rates in the years after that have
actually been declining, possibly due to the increased recognition and treatment

The Katie Project
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