The Katie Project is currently going through the organizational process to become a 501(c)3
non profit corporation.   Therefore we are not accepting direct donations until this process is

If you would like to make a donation to the cause of this organization, we would ask that you
make this directly to the Affiliated Organizations of which we are seeking to support.   This list
will expand as we move forward with our Awareness and Prevention initiatives in fulfillment of
our overall organizational Mission.   Donations may be may made in Memory of Katie Mannion
and the ”The Katie Project”
Affiliated Organizations
State and Local

Danbury Family & Children’s Aid
75 West Street
Danbury, Connecticut     06810
Phone:  203-748-5689
Fax:  203-790-8183


Yellow Ribbon - International Suicide Prevention Program
MAIL: PO Box 644, Westminster, CO 80036-0644
SITE: Orchard Court School, Adams County S D 50
Phone:  303.429.3530   Fax 303.426.4496

The Katie Project
How You Can Help