The Problem:
It is a significant enough problem alone, that the threat of suicide exists, and that it has at its
root cause, potential physical or  mental illness.    A more alarming problem is that we are not
equipped as a society to properly deal with our friends, co-workers and family members that
may be headed down a destructive path without our apparent knowledge.    Even more
pervasive and threatening is that our societal support system and infrastructure, which consists
of private sector counselors, agencies and physicians, as well as public institutions and
governmental organizations, are not completely in alignment in the steps and actions for proper
protection and treatment of an individual.

There exist today, severe gaps in our overall Mental Health Care Loop, which leads to placing
much of our population of teens and young adults at risk.   The governmental agencies are
resource constrained, as well as the private and public sector health and prevention agencies.  
There is not a proper hand off, or exit or entrance criteria between the mental health
practitioners in these various sectors.   Thus people, young adults and teens, fall through the
cracks of prevention, awareness and treatment, and fall prey to their own self destructive
thoughts and behaviors.  

Katie Mannion, a teen who was lost in this ineffective support maze, is the foundation for this
organization, and the mission to raise funding and awareness to help young adults dealing
with issues to not seek a path of suicide.   
The goal of our organization is to provide a proactive
solution to the problem.
Our Mission:
The Mission of The Katie Project is to save lives, especially those who are at risk to themselves
due to some internal or external circumstances.   Our mission has at it's core, two Principle

  • To create awareness of the risk of suicide in the lives of Teens and Young Adults.  
    Through this awareness drive programs and initiatives with an overarching focus on
    suicide prevention.

  • To close the gap in the treatment of children and young adults in the public and private
    sector, and ensure that they are not allowed to be at risk at any point in time.
Our Vision:
"To Leave No Child, No Young Adult, No One Person at Risk"
The fundamental value and principle of our human state is to feel valued, to be needed, to be
loved.   This need is at the very basis of our being, our desire for acceptance, for a sense of
belonging, for the feeling of being important to an other human being.   We all have the same
basic needs, and the same basic search for meaning:    
To Live, To Love, To Learn, and to
Leave a Legacy.

We believe every young child, teen or young adult, needs the affirmation that they are loved.  
This is inherent to our basic foundation of being human, and required for our mental stability,
and to our desire for means to a personal mission, and at the very least, our basic survival.

At the heart of awareness and prevention is the value of letting another person know you care,
you are thinking of them, they are important to you, and you need them, and above all else, they
are "LOVED".

This is the fundamental basis of what we want to achieve at The Katie Project - Let someone
you know, someone who may not be feeling that they have worth, let them know they do, let
them know they matter, show them you care, let them know they are "LOVED".

Our Awareness Wristbands are available with our foundational phrase "LOVED" on one side,
and our organization website for prevention and awareness on the opposite side.   If you know
of someone in crisis, or in need, or just want to show someone you care, give them a
wristband, show them they are "LOVED".

The Katie Project
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